Located in the charming historic centre of the city, just steps away from shops, restaurants, and public transportation, 348 Suites offers affordable, quality short stay accommodation with all the comforts of home. Whether you are looking for the perfect alternative to a hotel for one week or a place to call home for an extended stay of up to six months, we provide the ideal solution.

In-house services

Children’s- or babies’ beds
We welcome families at 348 Suites, and would be happy to provide small beds and high chairs for babies and children if required.

Additional linen
Would you like extra duvets, pillows, towels, sheets, or tablecloths?  At 348 Suites we provide extra bedding and linen on request.

Weekly cleaning
Staying longer than one month? In addition to the final cleaning, which is excluded in the price, we can provide weekly cleaning service (rather than the standard cleaning once every two weeks) at a time of your choice.

Additional services

Laundry service
Even though you will have a washing machine, we will offer you laundry service for additional laundry.

Bike rental
Holland is deservedly famous for its bicycle culture, a convenient, pleasant, and safe way to travel thanks to the extensive network of clearly signposted, rigorously maintained and well-lit cycle paths. 348 Suites is proud to provide bike rental service for our guests as well as a secure storage facility on the premises.

Baby sitters
In a foreign city it’s hard to find a babysitter that speaks your language and that you can trust. This is why we’ve partnered with Holiday Sitters, which let you easily book one of over 100 experienced and trustworthy babysitters speaking 21 different languages through their website. You can search for babysitters according to their availability, time and language and get to know them through their profiles, video interviews and even a chatroom where you can directly communicate with the sitters after your booking.

Their business model is simple: they charge 15 euros an hour, excluding VAT, for up to 3 children for a minimum of 3 hours. No registration or subscription fees. No hidden costs. Because sometimes we need a little holiday from our family holiday.

Transportation & Parking

Public transport card (ov chip card)
The Hague has over 20 different bus and tram lines throughout the city as well as the RandstadRail light rail system. These networks are ideal for getting around both the city itself and connecting to the surrounding areas such as Ypenburg, Zoetermeer, and Voorburg. In addition, the national railway (NS) has a comprehensive rail network to cities near and far throughout The Netherlands

348 Suites can help you start your journey by providing an ‘OV chip card’ (standard price: €7.50 excluding journey credit) which is valid on public transportation throughout the country. This is a far more convenient – and cheaper - alternative to buying tickets each time you travel. The balance can be topped up at numerous locations including most supermarkets.

Parking Permit
Some parts of the city centre, including the street where 348 Suites are located, are not accessible for private cars. If desired, we can provide you with an on-street parking permit for the downtown area or a place in a nearby multi-storey parking garage.

Taxi Services
In 2012 a transparent fare structure for taxis was implemented throughout The Netherlands in order to ensure fairness throughout the industry. In The Hague, you can hail a taxi on the street, approach one of the many taxi stands, or order one via phone.

The fare is determined by a starting rate, plus the distance and duration of the journey. The starting rate is around €2.38, the price per kilometre around €2.08 and the price per minute around €0.38.

As an example a 7 kilometre ride that takes 15 minutes will cost approximately €22.

Uber is also available in The Hague, although its legal status in The Netherlands is in dispute. As in other locations with ride sharing services, the prices vary widely according to supply and demand.

Pick-up service

If you come to the Netherlands by plane, we can arrange a transfer for you, from the airport to 348Suites. We will need your date and time of arrival, feel free to contact us these data at stay@348suites.com.

The Netherlands has three commercial airports,

  • Rotterdam / The Hague Airport; Pick up price approximately €35, - (depending on time of arrival and number of people)
       o 22 km from 348Suites.
  • Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam; Pick up price approximately €60, - (depending on time of arrival and number of people)
       o 45 km from 348Suites.
  • Eindhoven Airport; Pick up price approximately €160, - (depending on time of arrival and number of people)
       o 140 km from 348Suites.

Activities in the hague

City Walk
A guided walking tour is an ideal way for new arrivals to get to know their way around. Explore The Hague’s well known landmarks and charming squares as well as the secret hidden gems, accompanied by a representative of ‘The Hague Professional’ guide service, who can tell you everything about this beautiful city.

Visit all of Holland’s iconic attractions during a fun-filled visit to the Madurodam miniature park in The Hague. Feel like a mighty giant as you stroll past small-scale replicas of famous Dutch landmarks like the Port of Rotterdam and the Rijksmuseum. Admire traditional Dutch houses; delight in the vibrant colour of tulip fields; and see signature Dutch windmills in verdant fields. Enrich your knowledge of the Netherlands with educational exhibitions and informative plaques throughout your visit to the magnificent miniature park.

Sea Life Scheveningen
SEA LIFE Scheveningen gives you a special insight into the wonderful underwater life of our oceans. Come face to face with sharks and rays, learn more about sea turtles and dangerous piranhas, and meet the friendly otters and penguins in their beautiful residence. SEA LIFE has no less than 45 aquariums with sea animals and is open every day. The indoor attraction always offers a varied outing for families with children aged 3 to 11 years, even if it's raining or bad weather in The Hague.  Located on the boulevard of Scheveningen, SEA LIFE is perfect to combine with a visit to the beach. That way you make your day off a real sea day!

AFAS Circus Theatre
Get carried away by impressive musicals, concerts, family performances and other theater shows. In the AFAS Circus Theater Scheveningen you will experience an afternoon or evening to remember.

The beautiful foyers and halls of the AFAS Circus Theater are also ideal for business events, such as meetings, conferences or presentations.

The Omniversum is an all-round amazing experience. In this movie theatre, you take part of the action. It has a screen 4500 times larger than an ordinary TV, pumps out 15,000 watts of sound from 36 speakers and immerses your senses in the most amazing film experience ever. This unique movie theatre is designed to transport you to another world. The big-screen films take you to space, where you can meet the astronauts of the International Space Station, and bring you face-to-face with the most fascinating scenery and creatures on Earth. And all without having to leave your seat. You don't just watch a film here, you become part of it! Omniversum, an attraction in The Hague for over 33 years, is a unique movie theatre, the only one of its kind in the Benelux. The films are suitable for all ages, unless specified otherwise. The films are in Dutch but a special app lets you follow the original English-language version using your own mobile phone and headset. A new film starts every hour on the hour. If you want to watch a second film on the same day, you only pay EUR 5.50. 

Please check our News page for more activities and highlights of The Hague.

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